FTSE100 Historical Consituents​​

An ongoing project I am working on is to be able to have a time series database containing recent and historical members of the FTSE100 index. This can then be used to backtest strategies using the FTSE100 universe to choose stocks from, also research has been made into the price performance preceding stocks that are added … Continue reading FTSE100 Historical Consituents​​

Entry Efficiency.

Many will disagree that entry is an essential part of any trading system. Trend‐followers, usually say that they can spot a trend and jump on board and that its trade management that matters. However, entry determines how soon and how quickly your trade will generate profit or loss. A good entry can use a random … Continue reading Entry Efficiency.

The Real Hustle

Ever since the bubble popped in bitcoin, I have been amazed at how so many people who have most likely suffered potentially substantial financial losses, seem to hold a narrow mindset still that bitcoin is going to the stars. Cognitive dissonance seems to be rife within the ranks of its proponents who seem entirely unable … Continue reading The Real Hustle